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Something Funky This Way Comes...

It's been a long time since I have posted anything! Well, life happens and it just happened to get crazy!

We decided to sell our house this winter and hope that we could find new digs within the time frame of us selling and possession date. Well....

First let me just say that we have looked at well over 100 homes since last Fall!! We have seen bilevels, bungalows, two stories, rentals, dated, updated, clean, not so clean, with the owners, without the owners, with renters, without renters! We have seen a lot of different styles and tastes. It is amazing how diverse our tastes as house owners are!

We bid on at least seven of those and didn't succeed.

BUT we sold our house - which was great until we realized that when they took possession on June 1st - we would not have a house to live in!

Thanks to my parents generosity, they opened their upstairs to us. So Bernie, my two 19-year olds and I moved in at the end of May. To try and explain what our dwelling quarters look like might be next to impossible - gotta see to believe. I will try and take some pics and post those!!

The four of us are separated into three zones: Ray zone, Jozee zone and Bernie/Tammy zone. These zones are separated by white curtains hung on rails that my dad screwed into the ceiling! We have also added bookshelves to help separate the spaces and make them less.. umm.. see through!!

There is one main light switch - so asking permission for 'lights out' is appreciated! The 'walls' are far from sound-proof so late night music/tv watching or chatting is strictly monitored by those trying to sleep.



We managed to buy a new house just before we got kicked out of our old one... but possession wouldn't be until July 8... TOMORROW!

So tomorrow begins a new chapter in our lives. A new house to create into a home, new neighbours to get to know, new routes for our bikes and buses, new neighbourhoods to explore on evening walks, new rooms to paint, new pictures to hang...

So here is the deal... here is the funky part. This house that we are preparing to create into a home needs love... a lot of love. So the plan is to basically redo the entire main floor (it is a bilevel!). Starting with a walk through tomorrow night we will begin to formulate our plan of attack. With this total remodel... I want to document it. If I can do it via video blogging I will do that - if that is too technical, then i will go with pictures and updates via text.

This should be fun!! We will doing a lot of DIY'ing and lots of sweat and tears and laughter! I want to invite you to join us in our adventure! Here is a picture of the outside of our house... later i will bring you the inside story!! The outside probably won't be updated until next year... but wouldn't want to overload you with progress either!

new house.JPG

God is good. He was with us for the last half year as we hunted and hunted. I found houses, Peter found houses, we looked at houses, we checked off ads, we researched, we cried (ok, so only I cried). And in the end? It was all God. This house was brought to us. I didn't find it, didn't know it was available. God found it and dropped it in our lap. I always knew he had a house in mind for us. Bernie questioned my thinking... thinking God has bigger fish to fry! And, yes, God has bigger fish to fry... but He still cares about the minnows and He still cared about where we lived.

So... tomorrow we begin. May God open our eyes to new possibilities. To new people, new friendships, new experiences - AND A WHOLE LOT OF FUN!!

See you soon!

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