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It's Officially Ours!

So there you have our first visit to our new abode.

Let me tell you... we do have our work cut out for us. Whew.

So after work I headed over to the house with a single key in hand. (A key that my mom generously took time to pick up for me at the lawyer's - thanks, mom.) When I arrived I was greeted by my sister sitting on the stoop outside the house waiting for me. I must say, it was really nice to not have to take that first step inside all by myself. I took a breath and turned the key and we walked in.

Now, an empty house is a weird place. Devoid of; anything personal, anything to sit on or at, anything to muffle the empty echo. An empty house is quick to point out all its flaws: nothing hidden behind furniture, hanging clothes, tables, chair... everything is exposed, warts and all. And let me tell you... there are a number of warts in this house!

So i toured my sister around... explained the plans, walked through the new kitchen, talked paint colours for walls and trims... and as we walked and talked and dreamed... the echos got quieter, the warts got smaller and the excitement grew.

So often we hear the familiar quotes; not everything is at it seems; don't judge a book by its cover. And each time we hear them we hear truths being spoken. This house is not beautiful... it was not newly built with all the bells and whistles... it does not have a beautiful yard to encompass it. But it has a heartbeat... it has potential... it is at its very heart, a home. AND that is something to get really excited about!

My daughters arrived a little later, along with my husband and then my son and his family (including my always so cute grandchildren!!) and last but not least, my other son. I must admit I was a little scared to show them this new place - none of them had seen it before. I was 'afeared' (in the words of Huck Finn) of what they would think. As we toured, we laughed!! We laughed about the proclomation made by Rayzanna "THAT IS 6 YEARS WORTH OF DUST ON THIS DOOR FRAME, I PROCLAIM IT!" We laughed at some of the funny light switches and drywall blunders. We chuckled at the massive amount of rock in the front yard. We pondered the reasoning behind the wires running on top of the grass from the house to the neighbours back yard. We laughed. We questioned. We dreamt. And after all was looked at... there was a lot of hope. My daughters already had plans for their rooms. Dexter voiced his opinion loud and clear that he did not want panelling in his room - so he plans on drywalling. My grandson was not impressed with the lack of chairs and toys... he said he'd come back, but i am not sure he will return until there is at least a couple of Hot Wheels parked somewhere in the house!

So... we begin our journey. Excited to create a home for our family and for our friends. Paintbrushes in hand... my dad is booked for the next few months... Costco cards ready for rapid food purchases, and good quality sinks... here we go.

Below are a few BEFORE pics:


The kitchen needs... cupboards will be removed, door will be taken out and new one put in further to the right.

dining room.JPG

Dining room needs... the two walls on the left will be removed. patio door and window on far wall. Flooring replaced (or covered up!)

living room.JPG

ray's room.JPG

ray's closet.JPG

Ray's room needs... New paint, trim, no doors on closet

That's it for now. Stay tuned as we get things rolling!

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