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An Exciting Friday Night!

Friday after a day at work. A day, by the way, that included a lovely lunch in the sun and a terrific ice cream coffee break with some lovely co-workers! Once again we head to our house to work. We are all getting tired and it is only three nights in. Once again mom and dad were working and Bernie beat me there.

Well, progress had been made. All the 2x4 supports had been removed and so it looked fantastic - you could start to see the future forming! however, there was a bit of an oops. Dad cut the wires that were in the studs but forgot to mark them so we didn't know where they were going to AND we had no lights in a chunk of the main floor. So... a project was in the making. Glad I wasn't the one who had to figure out what attached to what! haha!

On the plus side we were excited for what mom and dad had picked up - our flooring!! it was exciting to see it, however, it all had to be hauled into the house and it was hot. It was over 30' and so hauling boxes of flooring into the house was a bit of a challenge. Thanks to Rayzanna, dad, Bernie and a little bit of me, we got it all hauled into the house - all 69 boxes. Then we started painting in Rayzanna's room first. She was eager to get going.

I don't have very many words of wisdom or ideas or even funny stories tonight. I am tired. HOWEVER, the end of the day ended with a very special visit. Matt and Sabrina Neufeld ((Signature Decor) Find them on Facebook -, dropped in to talk kitchens. They are our kitchen builders. We had a design that they put onto paper and they were dropping into finalize measurements. Now, most of those measurements we did in the dark... remember the wiring whoops? But we managed with the help of a handy dandy flashlight and cellphones. So it was very exciting to know that we were getting down to the nitty gritty of our kitchen !! yahoo!! I now have my cupboard colour, style, countertop, flooring, paint - yeah!

So in the dark of our deck, we ended the day with this little video... take a look.

I'll add some pics tomorrow!! ps. I am one day behind. I will follow up shortly.

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