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Echoes keep coming back


I am behind because:

1) I'm tired

2) Bernie is having trouble forwarding video to me

3) I'm still tired

4) yeah...

SO let me catch you up.

We took it easy Sunday morning and hung out with our 'daughter', Victoria. It was nice to chat and enjoy coffee (after coffee after coffee) and watch the big fat squirrel eat out of the bird feeder.

OK - this is blog is totally off the reno road. Let's chat about The big fat squirrel problem at Frank's (my dad's) house. This is a perpetual problem and a source of some joy for those who don't live there. (sorry dad, but it is). So this big fat squirrel, let's call him Echo, is the poster child for all squirrels who have dared to sit in the bird feeder. Echo loves bird food. My dad loves birds. The bird feeder sits on top of a metal stand and the feeder is equipped with a roof and plastic sides with holes for the food to dispense from. On occasion there are lovely birds that dine at this plastic diner. We have seen yellow finches (male and female). We have see a red-breasted grosbeak (Yes, this is a real bird and the real name!). But more often then not we see Echo with his butt firmly planted on the side of the feeder after knocking the diner off its foundation. My mom is constantly complaining about Echo's Big Butt - I'm not convinced Echo's butt is that big, tail yes, butt not so sure. But I will agree that the butt is sitting directly on the edge of the feeder and slightly on top of the bird seed.

Grey Squirrel

Now, Echo is quite cute from my point of view. He is a classy eater as he keeps from directly eating the feed with his mouth - he politely picks up the morsels of seed and rapidly chews each lovely mouthful. There are really only a few crumbs that fly out the corners of his mouth. He is oblivious to dad's banging on the glass - in fact - if you were able to watch Echo's eyes very closely, I'm pretty sure they are rolling. Echo is, however, hyper aware of any outdoor stalking done by dad. The moment dad is out the door, Echo is gone and for a few minutes the Finch's and the Grosbeak's take their seats at the diner and quickly order to go.

So if dad wants to deter Echo, he must sneak out the back door, quietly walk around the garage and approach quietly with his pellet gun (for those of you sensitive to this... skip ahead!) take aim (never hits - I'm sure on purpose) and shoot. Echo goes running. Soon Echo is back, nibbling away.

So Sunday morning we are watching a semi-brave Grosbeak trying to get to the diner for brunch but Echo has already set himself down for a lovely meal. (Dad long ago did away with the plastic diner portion - so it is more of a patio setting now.) As cute as Echo is, everyone wants Grosbeak to have a chance to eat. So dad gives the 'pellet' reins to Bernie. You know, if someone could see through the trees at my mom and dad's house - they would see four faces up against the window watching Bernie creep around the garage side of the house and take aim - I look away cuz I just don't like guns in any form - Bernie fires... well, tries to. Recocks gun (AND AMAZINGLY, Echo just sits there) fires... Well tries to. Recocks gun. This is getting painful to watch. Finally we hear the pellet hit the metal post and off goes Echo - back down the tree and out to the back 40. Small cheers erupt. But dad is unconvinced and he heads out to lay a trap - an extra large rat trap - in the base of the diner and covers it with bird feed.

Kid you not - minutes later, Echo is back. He is one hungry squirrel - he did not get to be big and fat without the help of this diner!! So we see Echo start down the tree. Meanwhile, Grosbeak and a few other tiny birds are enjoying the lovely delights and so Echo is cautious. Once again, there are a number of faces looking out the window waiting for the trap to spring. Dad is almost like the mad scientist twisting his hands together and muttering, 'just jump precious, just jump' followed by a low, evil chuckle.

Echo springs onto the trap. Nothing!!! My dad is incredulous! 'Seriously?!?!?" Echo once again, eyes rolling, thinking ' how stupid do you think i am,' perches just at the edge of the feeder, just out of reach of the trap set out for him and begins to eat.

Church is calling and dad, a good pacifist and church goer, gets his wallet and his keys and escorts his wife to the car and off they go, leaving Echo to enjoy a lovely Sunday morning at the diner.

Well - that had nothing to do with my reno's - but thought it was worth a smile. I'll follow up shortly with an updated blog. Maybe by then I will get my videos!

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