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High-end videography... NOT!

So I have a couple of fun videos of our renos that i really want to post for you - but can we transfer them from other iphones to my email? NO!!

Yes. That is how high end we are. We are video blogging with whomevers phone has the most battery power and storage room at the end of each day. So Bernie's phone has footage from a few days ago and Ray's from last night. Last night was a grand tour of the whole house! How exciting is that?

Well, now you have to wait with baited breath.

Here are few photos to wet your appetite.

This is Jozee's room on the left. Looks yellow but is a soft white.

This is Ray's room with the raspberry wall and same soft white walls and new Espresso trim

Bottom left: This is the hallway with the Cosmopolitan paint and espresso trim starting

These are my paint purchases!

So that is as of Monday - yesterday we made more progress. Rayzanna finished the hallway 2nd coat and some 2nd coat trim. I finished some trim and baseboards. AND Ray painted a coat in our bathroom - yahoo!!

So that is in the video that i don't have. Oh well. This is not a high-tec endeavour.

Just a note for those of you who see the details. Yes. I am wearing the same green t-shirt and lovely grey shorts every single video. It's my paint thing. Gretzky has his tucking in - I got my shirt! But I do want you to know that it has been washed between takes! ALSO. In every video I look dishevelled and mostly frizzed up in the hair department. Well, I explain that a little in one of the unseen videos. You see, on Property Brothers ( they are super cute - I will give them that - however, my guess is that they 1) have a crew patting the sweat off their noses, brushing the dust from their shoulders, air conditioners and fans running all the time 2) they don't work where the humidity raises the temperature by 10' (although they are Vegas boys!) 3) I look about as 'hot' as they do when i start my day at 7:30 a.m. - it's just by the time 5 rolls around and I leave my job, hair is starting to spiral, eyes are starting to droop - along with who knows what else all can droop; and no one is there to freshen me up!

Now, I could be totally wrong about those brothers and maybe they just don't sweat, don't get dirty and just look that good all the time. Well KUDOS to you guys! Keep doing what your doing cause you are doing it well!

But for the majority of us DIY home renovaters - well, you get what you get! The reality is that if you are tackling home projects; you will sweat, you will screw up, you will drip paint on your favourite piece of clothing, you will bump into the freshly painted wall with your shoulder, knee or a piece of lumber, you may scrape your knee, your dress may get a tear... She waltzes on her way to Mass and whistles on the stair And underneath her wimple she has curlers in her hair I even heard her singing in the ... oops got carried away there!! (any Sound of Music lovers out there?)

So when you are in the midst of renovations and things just look a mess and you look a mess and everyone is getting cranky and tired and then you sit back with a cold drink and turn on one of these fantastic HGTV Home Reno programs - DO NOT BE DISCOURAGED. There is no doubt in my mind that behind the scenes they too are bumping paint, spilling paint, nails are falling, things are not always going well and they are not always looking well! That's what DIYing is all about. No guts (or funky hair) No glory!

See you soon - green t-shirt and all!

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