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Reno update

So it has been a few days.

Where are we at? Further than we were last time - although at times it felt like we were walking through quicksand.

We have progressed to the point that three bedrooms have two coats of paint. Lots of trim has been painted but we have a long way to go. Whose crazy idea was it to paint the trim that gorgeous, rich Espresso colour?

Very excited about how things are looking - it's just some tedious work.

OH before I forget - AIR CONDITIONER IS WORKING AGAIN!! THanks to Neil Thiessen from LaSalle Mechanical. Very nice feature in this incredibly humid zone we are in.

Dad is still working on putting his electrical back together. Poor guy. Very frustrating work indeed.

Mom was busy cleaning the outside of the fridge we bought with the house. You wouldn't know that a fridge could get that dirty. I'm not talking about the deep bowels of the fridge where things go to die after you don't recognize them anymore. I am talking about the outside and top of the fridge. AND these are not dust bunnies and crumb hobbits - this is sticky, deep layers of oil/grease/got no words gunk. It's not everyday that you have to take a combo of bleach, ammonia, soap and then a ton of elbow grease using a scruff pad to clean the top and sides of a fridge. I don't know what kind of frying was going on in this house but I hate to see the arteries of those folks who lived there. She got half way around the fridge before taking a break.

Sunday we had Victoria join Bernie and myself and we painted, visited, and enjoyed the day. We even brought a few of my flower pots along - it actually makes the front door look so much more homey.

Dad and I headed out Monday morning to work in the house (I don't work Mondays during summer!). We got there in time to head out to Home Depot and a lovely SUBWAY lunch consisting of turkey, bacon, guacamole and spinach - yes, this was an important feature of the day. While at Home Depot we picked up several gallons of paint, a couple gallons of primer for the incredible pink and green rooms in the basement that i haven't even shown you yet - just you wait. We picked up electrical stuff and some wood as well. When we got back we enjoyed our subs on the back deck. (Dad and I together... pretty happy with coffee breaks. Gotta get them in before the drill sargeant arrives! love you mom) Then we actually did go to work. Painting trim for me and back to electrical for him. Ray joined us later and whipped those bedrooms into 2nd coat perfection in no time. She truly is a paint guru. She even has blisters - she figures this makes her totally legit as a painter.

Later that evening we had a good friend drop by to check our stuctural integrity and see if we can remove those two posts. The verdict is still out as he was going to punch some numbers into his program later that evening and see. He is a strutural engineer... we will trust him! By the time I got home I could barely move - as you will see in the attached video.

But I want to give you a sneak peak at the kitchen colours. Very exciting stuff.


A little hard to see - but the cabinets will be shaker in style and will be the mayonnaise colour to the left. The island will be a dark espresso brown (pictured as the largest piece is the initial wrap we were going with, since we have switched to Benjamin Moore Espresso colour. ( The grey beside the mayonnaise is our concrete look laminate for counters. The mottled chip on the right is the laminate counter for the island. In the middle is our colour for the walls in the hallway, kitchen, dining and my bedroom. Underneath it though hard to see is our flooring.

That's all for today - enjoy the video.

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