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On our way and Catching up!

So things are progressing AND my videos have caught up!!

Here is a tour of the house... if you get motion sick - look away when I talk about going downstairs and Ray and I start to run! (However, there is a glitch and you don't get the entire basement - so I will add videos after this first one to show you that!) GOTTA love cell phone technology!

Entering lower level with Bernie as videographer...

More lovely lower level...

So there you have it!! Our lovely house that will be a lovely home.


WE DO NOT NEED A BEAM IN OUR KITCHEN - WHOO HOO! So we can go forward with our kitchen plans. ALSO, we are getting a steal of a deal from my son Judson who works at Duxton Windows here in Winnipeg. They sell amazing doors and windows (contact him) made with fibreglass. He could tell you the benefits of it. They do cost more, but apparently are worth every penny. My cousin in Saskatoon bought Duxton and absolutely is thrilled with them and happy that he paid what he did - all worth it.

Our patio door was one that someone had custom made but decided he didn't want it - so his non-interest is our payday! If you are custom building or renovating and have room for some wiggle, ask at your local window/door places, sometimes there are hidden gems just waiting to be installed.

So last night Bernie and I went on a date. We headed to Home Depot after supper. This is where we are after 26 years of marriage - Home Depot. OH well.

Bernie needed plumbing parts and I was looking for flooring for main bathroom because the linoleum in there was looking pretty tired and coming up around the edges. SO we found this tile. It is a peel and stick tile but quite a thick tile. It is designed to be grouted. So we bought one box for about $33.00 (which will do our bathroom) and some grout for about $7 (which we assume will be enough and the little spacers (we got 1/16 - quite small). My dad wants to tackle this while we are on holidays next week. The tile looked like it would work well with our wood floors and was thrilled when I put them together as you can see in the picture - I think they look fantastic.

Yes. You heard correctly. Bernie and I are going AWAY on a holiday next week. Heading to the hills... Black Hills... buffalo turds and corn husk castles. I am beyond excited about getting away, hanging out with friends, resting. It's time to rest. It's important to rest. Whether Staycationing or Vacationing, find time to walk away from the ordinary and explore the extraordinary. From the quiet of your backyard with a book and a cup of java to the splendour of rock formations or ocean waves, there are things to see and ways to find peace. God created a day of rest not just cause he had just finished a major masterpiece, but because He knew we humans would need it. He knew our bodies and our minds needed time to rest.

Here is a link to a pile of Bible verses that refer to rest:

May you find rest as you we get closer to the weekend. If you work on the weekend may you find rest during the week. Take a moment and look closely at a flower... who knows, you may find a bee!

Taken by my daughter, Jozanna.

Check out more of her photography at: Jozannatheolynn Photography on Facebook.

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