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One day to Away!

Tomorrow we AWAY to the south! Where our dollar is a bottom dweller, where our passports are scrutinized (at the border - just look them directly in the eyes. - but not creepy like or 'come-on' like or too syurpy sweet - just direct with a slight twinkle - not too twinkly they will think your high -directly JUST right), where they say crick instead of creek and rufe instead of roof, where our friends are waiting to whoop it up with us! Tomorrow we are taking a break and heading to South Dakota with two other couples to have a hoot and hollering good time.

I'm kind of looking forward to it.

Seriously though - TOTALLY looking forward to it. It's shocking that we have only be renovating for just over a week because it feels like months! Working 8-5 and then working 5-10, guess it almost like having two jobs. All worth it but very tiring.

So of the few things I wanted to do before we leave: see my grandkids (maybe via skype or facetime), get my nails done (first manicure ever!!), pack, laundry, shower, shave (gotta be done), see my aunt.

At noon I took my lunch half-hour and ran across the road to see my aunt in the care home. It is a great home because she can be independant but at the same time looked after. She is forgetful and time's meaning has been somewhat lost on her. She has been in this new abode for a few weeks now and seems to really be enjoying it - which is awesome. So I went to visit her or should I say I went hunting for her. Not in her room, not in the kitchen, not in the patio. Finally tracked her down to a little sitting room overlooking Pembina Hwy. She was with a friend there watching traffic. You know I never realize how fascinating traffic could be and don't even get me started about those massive semi-trucks which apparently my aunt has totally forgotten what those are, so her friend explained their purpose in the world. And then a small delivery truck pulled into the driveway and her friend just about jumped off her chair thinking this truck would surely crash into the building - did you see how big it was?

Oh this has been an interesting experience and watching my aunt has been very interesting. I am beyond thrilled that she is happy and busy with activities (she was on her way down to the closing ceremonies for the Riverwood Square games), making new friends (at this place you can have a brand new friend everyday with the same name as the friend you made the day before!) and being cared for and safe. However, there is also a part of me that tears up a little as I watch her push her walker down the hallway a little timidly and as they hang her name tag around her neck. This was always my independant aunt. An aunt who was active and walking daily. She drove to church regularly and drove other aunts around the city. She babysat my kids. She took care of me when i was sick. And now the roles have been reversed and I am one of many caring for her. This is a challenging reversal. However, it's like the quote that I pinned up at work for the weekend (a special & different note i leave for the ushers each Sunday), "Life's too short so SMILE while you still have teeth!" So if that means studying the traffic for crazy semi-drivers or moving trucks that are trying to squeeze between buildings and being ok with that - then that is fantastic and deserves a big SMILE!

ON a totally different note, I then skyped with my 3.5 year old grandson and his 1 year old sister and their mom. Words cannot express what my heart feels when I see these two little rascals. Nothing could have ever prepared me for the passion and undescribable love that fills me at the sight of them. As I have said before, I just didn't know that there was still room for that kind of love after I had my own children - but there is and it is so filling that it literally, at times, hurts.

So at one end I have my little grandkids gearing up to go swimming. Mom is applying sunscreen, fitting the water wings, holding their hands and walking with them to the pool. At the other end a woman is gearing up to go to the closing ceremonies of the bean bag throwing contest, pushing her walker to the door, getting fitted with a name tag and a team number, walking out of a locked home with the workers. ANd me, stuck somewhere in between - perhaps closer to the bean bag throw than the water wings - but stuck in between. Caring for both sides with love and compassion. Knowing that both sides are exactly where they are supposed to be right now. That both sides are in God's hands. That both side's have purpose. THat both sides are capable of making a difference in their world. "Who knows? Maybe you were made queen/king/aunt/child for just such a time as this.” ESther 4:14.

So after all of that? I am off on holidays tomorrow morning!

I am going to SMILE all week because I still have teeth!!

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