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Weekend Work

Well, we managed to push through last week and between tears, hugs, coffee breaks, and prayer we got some stuff done. Right now my dad is very happy to be behind a hammer, drill, scraper, mud, tape, screwdriver and dust (all simultaneously by the way)! Keeping busy is good. Laughter is good. Coffee out on the front lawn wearing dust laden clothes and saying hi to people walking by is good. Watching a funny movie leaves 'no ragrats!' (Not even one letter!) (If you haven't seen the movie, then ignore the spelling!!)

So here are some photos of our progress:

so we have the before with the door and patio door and then we have the after with just a patio door - almost ready to paint!!

So the above pictures show us getting closer and closer to paint. We are hoping the patio door arrives this week!! We are not quite ready because we haven't had time to get our deck in the back ready. But hopefully we can tackle that tonight.

Here you can see that we bought a used door from my sister and her husband and got it installed this weekend! You can see my brother-in-law gary sitting on the steps going upstairs. No. He didn't sit there the whole time... he also sat outside on a lawnchair!

I am soooo happy with this door! I think it just adds some pop to the house. Glad to have Gary and Jodi out to help all day Saturday! As a treat Bernie and I took them out to a movie in the evening, Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation - VERY VERY FUN! (So as an aside... if you ever feel like wielding a hammer or brush you never know what bonus' might come with it... just saying!)

Looking on or garage sale sites can find all kinds of treasures! This door happened to be my sister's, but I have seen doors, windows, trimboard, patio blocks and more all on KIJIJI - it's worth a look. Coming up soon I will show you a picture of my very exciting KIJIJI find!!

The pictures above show Rayzanna and Victoria adding laminate flooring to Vic's room. This laminate was a cheaper grade than the laminate we have upstairs and thus made it a bit more of a challenge to install. Here a hammer was involved. Some teaching from big brother, Dexter. Some angry taps from dad and some fine tuning by grampa. But all in all the girls - and later Jozanna - did a fantastic job and we are almost done that room. I think just the closet is left.

To compliment this great floor we painted more trim!!

Just a note - not sure I mentioned this earlier - my family thinks I am nuts. Why this time, you may ask. Well we took all the doors and trims upstairs and changed them from white to dark brown. Downstairs we took all the brown trim and doors and changed them to white! yup - that happened!

The large boards at back were found in my mom and dad's attic. It was extra pieces from when they built their house - YAHOO!! Another great find. So Dexter and Vic will be getting some pretty nice baseboards in their rooms.

Tomorrow I will post a video which will explain the floor in the above picture. My daughters and I have bonded over flooring in a way that I didn't know was possible! hahaha!

Here you can see that we have painted all the 'pee and poop' coloured walls grey with white. It was a ton of work - but oh so worth it. The basement looks so clean and fresh now. This is very very exciting.

Tonight we are doing some clean-up and hopefully, maybe, starting some wall washing upstairs so that the painting of the main area can commence!!!!

Tomorrow we will jump beside normal once again. Dad has his CT scan tomorrow afternoon. Tomorrow will be a long day. Tomorrow. The sun will come up. Tomorrow.

Please pray for dad as he goes into this test. Pray for peace for him and for mom as they wait for the test and results.

Thank you.

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