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49 Years and Counting

Yesterday we celebrated my parent's 49 years of wedded bliss! 49 years! That is a long time to live with someone and learn their every quirk, foible, nuances. Well, I am very proud of my folks. Many people don't make 49 years of marriage so Frank and Lynda are ever so fortunate.

What have I learned from observing their marriage? Well I have learned stuff (but I also learned stuff in high school - doesn't always mean I use it!) Let's try the top 5 things i can think of right in this moment.

1) Love each other no matter what. You may not always like each other or some of the habits the other has - but love each other. Start each day with a morning kiss and end each day with a night time kiss. (I would add, please brush teeth before the morning kiss - thanks, honey!)

2) More and more I see that opposites attract and that produces an environment that is slightly exciting and slightly annoying - or sometimes extremely exciting and extremely annoying! My mom likes to get things done - move move move. Dad is a little more laid back and coffee times are quite easy to extend with him. What I have learned about watching this is: If dad had married someone like him - NOTHING would happen (or very little), things would take forever! If mom had married someone like her - A LOT would happen, but lots of life might be missed. So mom and dad have taken their differences and tried to live in each others worlds so that life can become manageable from both ends. We don't have to change each other - we need to live in each other's shoes - figure each other out - love those things we fell in love with - compromise!

3) Keep men away from live wires and mitresaws. Keep women away from $1 stores and discount malls.

4) Make friends. Make lots of friends from lots of different backgrounds, faiths, cultures. Take a leap and join Bible study groups where there are younger people and older people. Never stop learning. Never think you are too old to learn from someone younger than you or older. And do it together.

5) Go to church together. Pray together. Uphold your faith together. When one is weak - step up. When one is faltering - pick them up. Remind each other that God loves them. Share this faith with others. Your both not always going to be on the same page at the same time. Your faith will not always be as strong as it is sometimes and it will be stronger others. Love each other through it. Get those Bible study friends to pray for you.

OH 6) The wife should always be very humble and hide her face when pictures are taken - this is a common practice. Apparently, this helps make marriage last longer. The photo above? Mom was slipping!!

AND I KNOW there is soooooo much more.

So how did they celebrate this 49th year of bliss? Well, first they enjoyed morning coffee at home - probably watching Echo the squirrel. Then they headed to city so dad could enjoy a lovely CT Scan at the Victoria hospital - he got to drink unknown substances, get prodded with a needle and have xrays pentrate his body - party! Mom went shopping with her youngest daughter while they waited. (results will not be available for a day or two)

Then it was off to pick up beverages of all kinds of styles, tastes, and brands which were then brought to Bryn Mawr (for those extended coffee breaks!). After that they went to pick up their granddaughter, Rayzanna, from CMU where she is working (painting!) and bring her back to Bryn Mawr to... what else? Work!! (PS... for those of you ready to call Child and Family or the Work Ethic hotline - I suggested to my parents to go out and do something fun on their anniversary! THEY SAID -'NO' We want to work at the house. So what's a daughter to do?)

Next blog... update on house and the video I promised you!! Maybe even two! How could you get so lucky?

Thanks for tuning in!

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