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Getting Closer and closer

We are getting closer to move in ready!!

Honestly, I am tired but excited. I am riding this tension rope between delight in seeing my vision coming to life and tired of seeing the slow progress of my vision possibly coming to light!!

We have gone through WAY more paint than anticipated. Brushes, rollers, soap, skin - all thrown or washed away!! We hadn't quite anticipated that this reno would basically touch every fibre in the interior of this house.

But... it has and we trudge on.

The other day I had taped Ray talking about our 'transformation' in our basement.

Thus the 'pee and poop' wall comments in the last blog!

The basement walls painted grey and trim white though is fantastic!! That was a bonus that only happened because we had to wait for the upstairs to be ready for us. So thankful for the little things.

Then Rayzanna and I decided to clean part of the floor in basement and we realized that there were about 3 peel and stick that had unpeeled and unstuck and were no longer there - just bare sticky cement. So we went hunting and found two full unopened boxes of peel and stick in the basement. We opened them up and they didn't match. Well, we still thought unmatching was better than bare cement so we put them in. They looked so good we thought, 'well, we should at least make a square.' So we pulled up a few more tiles - they pulled up so easy it was crazy. We made a square. Then we thought, 'well, we made a square, maybe we should make a row... maybe then it will look like it makes sense.' So we pulled up a row (or two) and it went fast and was kind of fun. Peel and stick is easy and let's face it - we were tired of painting so ANYTHING was much more exciting. Yep - even peel and stick brought us much relief and joy!! We giggled our way through our project and we kept hoping grampa wouldn't come down and catch us. We were supposed to be painting and cleaning - n ot wasting time doing something that didn't really need doing.

Well, grampa came down. oops. Of course, if you know my dad, he just chuckled and said, 'oh girls, girls. what are you doing?' We laughed, explained and he shook his head and walked back upstairs. Well, that was as good as a green light - so we pulled another row!!

THEN we stopped. This is silly, we thought. We counted the new tiles that were left and reasoned that we could do another couple rows but we would wait till later.

Jozee arrived home and we thought she'd like some fun too - so we told her what we had done and asked if she wanted to finish another two rows. She was in for some fun (she 'loves' reno's - not!) Wouldn't you know it - those next two rows were rows from H E-double hockey sticks!! oh my goodness. We had to scrape and pull - I think Jozee's shoulders and back were so sore after we were done this 'fun' job - she wanted to cry! Oh well - who knew?

During all of this... more happened!!

Dexter and his girlfriend Maddy started to paint his room. Remember the bright green room at the beginning of this endeavour?

Well soon i will post before and after!!

Here is Dexter and Maddy painting ceiling and primer. (Dad found some tinted primer mistint for $9 - yeah, we go there!)

And UPSTAIRS!!!! We are making progress. We have primed the new drywall and some walls have coat #1 of paint on them - this is exciting! Cupboards should be ready next week according to Signature Decor spokesperson Matt Neufeld. I ordered cabinet pulls yesterday online - so cabinets might beat the pulls.

Here are some upstair shots before we left yesterday.

More exciting news to come... stay tuned!!!

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