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New News

Today is a quick update on my pops.

We got some very optimistic news yesterday. Dad still has to battle cancer, but the CT shows that the cancer hasn't spread - it is contained and is at the base of his esophagus next to stomach. Apparently that means that surgery is much easier - still surgery - but it sounds better than our worst fears!

So how do we celebrate this great news?

You betcha - we renovate! SUch good times.

****** I did get to celebrate at my job. My co-worker, Darryl, brought me a cold drink from across the street and said it was to celebrate the good news. Ok - so that was pretty sweet (Figuratively and literally!)

Dad and my brother-in-law, Gary, worked on our back deck yesterday. My sister, Jodi, helped me paint a second coat on 1/2 of the main floor. IT WAS FANTASTIC. Now, I don't know if I can share how my sister dressed for this job - I think I need her permission first - but, let me tell you - I have not laughed like that for quite some time now!

My niece, Lacey, helped clean some lights, touch up ceiling whoops's and was promised a BDI run in the near future by yours truly!

I'd say we are getting to that point in the reno where I may need to ask you to leave and not come back until we have put the finishing touches on and present the great reveal!! But, the great reveal may not actually be truly the great reveal for a couple of years yet. SO... I may not post many more pictures, but just so you know............... we are almost there!!!! Move-in ready almost there.

Perhaps, just maybe, once we move in, Normal will be within eyesight and that might be enough for us to relax just a little and enjoy life outside of paint and dust - just maybe.

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