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Bumps and Bruises

Here we are at week 12ish or something – since we have left Shepton Bay. It’s been about just shy of 7 weeks since we started renovating at Byrn Mawr. Wow. 12ish weeks living in LaSalle – Six adults – all in one home. It’s been an interesting journey. There will actual be a sadness when we end up moving.

Grandparents have gotten to know their granddaughters in a way that many grandparents do not get. Granddaughters have learned to talk slower and louder when with grampa. They have learned grammy owns the East corner of the couch and she loves when they sit beside her and she can ask them about their day. They have learned that milk has always been a rarity in this home and that if they say they like raisin bread, it is sure to be purchased on every grocery trip!

And like our renovated house – there have been some bumps and bruises along the way, but nothing that a little paint or a kind word can’t fix.

At Bryn Mawr - we are at the point that a kitchen is being installed!! If all goes well, by tomorrow evening, the kitchen cabinets should be in place!

Here is the stack of cabinets… and then the start of installation!

Lots has been learned on this journey. I have learned to make things look better for cheap with paint, some lumber, glue, spray paint and some help. I’ve learned that my kids are all hard workers and whenever they were able, they were there helping out (I already knew this, it was just good to be reminded!). I even learned how to do some simple electrical! Changing plugs from cream to white! Yup! I was a little concerned, but had to trust that those around me were not pushing breakers on and off while I was working!

I’ve noticed that I have bruises on my legs – no idea where they are from. I noticed that I had a finger that felt like I got a piece of steel in the tip of it – again, no idea where that came from. My walls are full of a few dents, a few bumps from a fridge a bang from a long piece of trimboard. My patio door has a bit of a glitch. My kitchen has a bit of a glitch. But all those bumps and bruises are fixable – all workable.

My dad has had a test today that will probably speak volumes into what comes next. Tomorrow morning we will get those results along with a plan for chemo. Without a bunch of detail – if you are a praying person – we are asking for prayers that the cancer is contained. That’s all.

What do you do when the bumps and bruises are not so fixable? What if there doesn’t appear to be a ‘fix’ on the horizon? The two-year old niece of my friend who lies in a hospital and no one knows what is wrong. When the 21 year old dies of a heart attack. When a co-workers uncle has small moments of clarity while he slowly passes away from cancer.

Life throws things at you that can bruise you – can give you goose eggs – can make you feel black and blue. I have no answers. I cannot even pretend to have answers or fixes, cures or solutions. My only ‘go to’ in and for those hard situations is faith, hope and trust. I have faith that my great God is in control and that He loves each and every one of us and that he cries with us and rejoices with us. I have hope that God will take all our bumps and bruises and some day they will be no more. I have hope that God will take our bumps and bruises and truly make us flawless. I trust that God will continue to send buckets of grace down upon us. That he will continue to walk with us through all these things. Without those things… I don’t know how you do it.

If you are in a battle right now – I pray that God reveals even a small piece of himself to you – that you may see his back as he walks by – that you feel his embrace – that you feel his tears.

If you are watching a battle – I pray that God grants you the wisdom to know when it is time to just sit and listen – to know when it is time to lend your shoulder. I pray that you have patience for those going through whatever it is they are going through.

As far as my bumped and bruised house? Well, I guess I’ll grab that can of paint, a slightly worn paintbrush and starting dabbing!

… soon, so very soon!!

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