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Catching Up

So here we are - probably a week since we last sat together. So why have I been ignoring you? I'm sorry. I didn't mean to - there just hasn't been much to say. Which doesn't mean that we can't just sit comfortably in silence. Let's try that...

(this is silence)

Yes. A good friend is the kind that can appreciate sitting in silence with you. That's me in the picture on an extremely good hair, skin, figure, lips, hand, glasses sort of day. (not).

But I do want to keep you uptodate on reno's and my pops.

Renos: Well, we have moved in but still no kitchen - so many boxes sit downstairs unopened. You know it is getting to be a sad state of affairs when your daughters are excited about you buying a pack of ziplock plastic containers because they are tired of packing leftover macaroni in a ziplock bag! (I say - you are lucky to even get macaroni in this place!) So parts have been delivered and now we wait for the installers. Last word... Sunday afternoon. They asked if that was ok. I said you can come at 3:00a.m. and that would be ok - just, please, put in our kitchen!!

In the meantime, I guess we did do a few things:

We put down tile.

Since this picture was taken - it has also been grouted. I'll get that pic to you yet too. Dad created a wood piece for our bullnose and I stained it with a dark ebony stain.

- I loved it and so I restained our stairs using it. It didn't change the hue because the base of the stairs still had that yellow tone to it, but it did help darken it to a level I was satisfied with. Once the dust has settled, I will use The Diamond Finish in Satin to lock in all that lushious colour! Also use it on the bullnose to protect it too.

Are those not fabulous images!

We finished the trim around the electrical boxes on ceiling - you will see that later too. That has to be painted and i have very little white ceiling paint left so i am going to be creative and thrifty and add some water and cross my fingers and hope we just squeeze enough out to finish it!! The further along this reno, the cheaper I get!!

SO work is happening slowly and things are slowly forming into a home. Last night Dexter moved back in - that was cool! The girls and Bernie and I have been working on trying to eat better meals than Mr. Noodles (my work buddies are tired of seeing me with my little container of noodles, crackers and cream cheese!).

The beauty of this picture is that it was good food. Steak, perogies, beans. HOWEVER, what it doesn't show is that we sat outside at our patio table and kind of used our hand to wipe the big pieces of wood aside and blew away the larger pieces of sawdust. Then we just plopped down to enjoy this meal - sawdust and all!

What's that saying? What doesn't kill you makes you stronger?

Sandwiches are also becoming a staple because they don't involved cooking or a lot of ingredients AND unlike macaroni, sandwiches store well in baggies!!

Jozee has become quite inept at creating a large filling sandwich. Her dad is so proud. However, again, once thing was missing - PEPPER. So the next trip to LaSalle had on the list: FIND THE PEPPER!!!

We did. And once again life is restored to its natural state.

AS far as dad goes. Another waiting game. He had another test that involved him being put into a very sleepy state and an ultrasound going down his esophagus again to see how deep into the tissue the cancer is. Now we wait for results. What we are all hoping for is that it has not gotten very far and if that is the case dad might get to skip radiation and chemo and Pass GO, collect his $200 and go straight to surgery. Then the surgery would be considered a cure. So we will wait and see.

He is still healthy and busy. He is pretty much done at our place. I will miss our coffee breaks together! He is helping combine at his brother-in-law's and son-in-law's places - so he is keeping busy. Do you know my dad? or my mom? Invite them for a cup of coffee sometime! They would love it!

Till kitchen is in... spend time with me in the strong and calm silence.

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