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The Big Reveal!!!!

It's time!!! I took my daughter away from her studying and asked her to follow me around my kitchen, living and dining room area. I prattle away somewhat - very unscripted, so forgive me!!

So in the video I go through the photos below - but I thought the images would look better as stills on the blog and not stills off a video. (OK, budget is tight and talent is slim - I used YouTube's editor to splice a small piece of my video off - but that is as fancy as I get.)

ps. the 5 second piece I deleted was me walking up the stairs... seriously - would you want to post your backend wiggling up the stairs - NO YOU WOULDN'T! I was considering posting it and dedicating this post to Meghan Trainor and her song "All About that Bass." But... I will let you look up that video all on your own!!

So... back to the big reveal. Here are the before photos.

Dining room/outside of kitchen walls

Kitchen before - kept dishwasher and refrigerator and window

closet on left is now gone (left) living room (right)

Thanks again to Signature Decor -

Thanks to Duxton Windows -

New Flooring is Armstrong and picked up at the Floorshow -

Enjoy the video! Enjoy the REVEAL!! I will include stills of the reno in the next blog.

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