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2017 A Few of My Favourite Things

January and we are into a new year! It's hard to believe that it was 17 years ago when we braced ourselves at the ringing in of the New Year wondering if our lights would all go out, computers would self-destruct and life, as we knew it, would change forever. The seconds ticked by and things didn't change... we continued to party and live life.

This year as the New Year was rung in we brace ourselves and face the unknown. If you read many of the newspapers and blogs and posts it feels like 2017 has more to fear than the dawn of 2000. I've already posted this quote on Facebook along with a small write-up expressing my thoughts on the negativism out there.


There are many concerns in the world. There are many scary possibilities. Some will come to fruition and others will just smolder in our minds and on the tabloids. So what do we do with these concerns. How do we prepare ourselves without it consuming us? How do we stay in the know without becoming sucked in to the vortex of depressing news and sad world views. How do we become the change we want to see? How do we bring good and bring joy and bring happiness to our world?

Maybe one step, one word, one gesture, one photo, one memory, one hug at a time.

So to start my journey into 2017, I want to capture something each day that demonstrates the good in our world, the love that is extended to me, to each other. I want to find something that brings hope to people.

The weird part? Sometimes those items will be sad, they will bring tears, they will be hard. Doesn't seem to make sense does it? But, I think that sometimes 'doing good' and 'finding good' doesn't always mean big smiles and laughter and fun. Sometimes finding those 'favourite things' involves a journey that is hard and painful and brings tears. Truly, I hope that most of my captures are joyful and happy - but truth be told... life isn't always a bed of roses. God's set out a path for us to follow and sometimes we will take the wrong turn; sometimes we will find ourselves feeling like we are at a dead end; sometimes we will take the high road and other times the low; sometimes we will find purpose; sometimes we will wish we could find the purpose. We are a broken people and we live in a broken world. People will get sick and die. People will be injured. Friends will turn on us. We will turn on friends.

God wants us to walk the journey to the best of our ability. He is ready to walk with us. He doesn't enjoy walking in the valleys of our life - he'd rather walk with us on the mountaintops. But life is broken and there are valleys and God is ready to join us - he wants to join us.

Anywhoo... I regress! Today I want to share something beautiful that brought me tears and some deep agonizing pain, however, it was beautiful.

For Christmas this year, my daughter-in-law made me a snowman. This snowman was made with log pieces that my dad had cut before he got sick. There were three lovely circles stacked ontop of each other to form the shape of the snowman. He is cute and he is precious. I also rec'd a quilt made by my daughter that incorporated my dad's ties into it. It is an item of great beauty and creativity and memories. I have slept beneath those ties each night since I received it.

Snow man and tie quilt

They are beautiful. They are with me because of our broken world. Because cancer is a part of that brokeness. And it hurts so bad.

But these items bring me joy because they remind me of the goodness in our world. The kindness of children who see your pain and want to mend it. They remind me of my dad and the goodness he presented to his family, his friends, his world.

So in the chaos of tears and laughter, I bring you my first of many 'favourite things.'

Happy New Year!!!

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