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MMMMM... Food

As 2017 gets moving and the cold winter air freezes my face and fingers, I desire warm comfort food. However, with warm comfort food comes warm, comfy fat. SO... I am going to try and eat better. And who better to help me than PINTEREST!

The healthy eating plan always feels enormous and expensive and time-consuming. After a day of work - even if I am not running around and busy - i am tired. Being somewhat of an introvert, I am really tackling a job that is meant strictly for extroverts. I sit front and center at the church office. I am the first face people see when they walk in (Oh so lucky for them!). The first voice they hear when they phone. The first ink they see when emails are replied to. So at the end of the day I am tired. And the last thing on my mind is supper.

Oh- I should plan ahead! Right. That would mean having the energy to make supper the night before! Oh - I would have more energy if I ate better. Right. Which also means having the energy to start in the first place. A big fat circle.

However, as we launch into 2017, I need to make the effort. It is actually so amazing how many recipes don't take that much effort and are still good for you.

The other night I was exhausted (a word that means something different for everyone) and all I wanted was for Bernie to run out and get a burger and fries from the infamous McDonalds. Bernie's response, "we have leftovers." Old coot! But I knew he was right and I knew we didn't need to spend money on crappy food. So I took a few minutes and found a recipe on Pinterest, made it, enjoyed it and all in all - didn't take very long. Salmon burgers (using canned salmon) with avocado sauce. I combined two recipes to create a lovely meal that accompanied baked beans and french fries (ok, so I slipped a little!)

Thank you to and for some great ideas!!

SO... tonight we are having Tequila Lime Sheet Pan Nachos. This recipe will be adapted from: the cookie rookie!

So here is my cheat - I bought a baked chicken from Sobey's Extra last night - ripped it apart and stored it in the fridge. Today I mixed my chicken with some tequila, lime juice, taco seasoning and topped my lime nachos with it, black beans, cut up green peppers, onions, tomatoes. Then drizzled lovely chili con queso over it and mexican shredded cheese. (Did I say this was healthy? There are veggies!) Into the oven ata 350 for about 15-20 minutes. Serve with sour cream and salsa. YUMMY YUMMY

ps. there will still be baked fries... and sometimes even the deep fried variety with lots of salt found at the one and only, McDonalds!

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