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I find comfort in cozy blankets, the hug of my husband, my own office space, a good movie with a bowl of buttered popcorn, good friends, and good food.

Tonight I came home and looked in the fridge and thought... what do i do with leftover shredded chicken that is quick and tasty. Hmmm... guess where I turned - yup - PINTEREST!!

I searched for One skillet supper with pasta and stumbled across an amazing recipe that I pretty much totally changed!! But thanks for the base The Slow Roasted Italian.

I continued to pull things out of the fridge... Ricotta (crap, gone bad), roasted tomatoes (nope, roasted red peppers), onion, garlic, spaghetti, spinach - I think I got this!

So I threw a chopped onion in the skillet with a bit of oil and sauted for a short bit - just to soften. Then I added spaghetti that i broke in half - don't ask how much, just one bigger handful and one smaller one (what I thought would work for four of us. On top of that I placed the spinach... oh, my doesn't it look awesome already!

Then I added the chopped roasted red pepper, garlic and some small yellow tomatoes that I had on the counter - thought they would work too! Ok. This looks so pretty!

Sprinkled loosy goosy with salt, pepper, basil, parsley, garlic powder, oregano. Whatever suits your fancy.

Then I added 4 cups of chicken stock (gluten free kind, non powder, that you buy at Costco - best kind!) and then another cup of water with a few squirts of lemon juice - the Slow Roasted Italian suggested white wine - but in lieu of that you can use more chicken stock or lemon water.

Then you bring to a boil and cover and let simmer for 7-9 minutes until the pasta is al dente.

When it is fini you turn off the heat and I added in my leftover goat cheese (LOVE LOVE LOVE goat cheese), some parmesan cheese and a little more spinach - covered it for a few minutes to let the cheese melt.

Use tongs and mix it all in - oh my goodness!! And this all took only about 25 minutes!

Then in all its creamy goodness we ate! Oh yeah, we sprinkled feta on top! Can never have too many cheese varieties.

Comfort can be found in so many things - but offices disappear, friends sometimes are not handy dandy, blankets can be dirty and in the wash, food recipes sometimes don't turn out - so in the end, the best comfort I can find is trusting and believing in my God. (ok, our God) Each and every day and minute and hour and year He is with me and provides me with comfort - even during the tough stuff.

God is good - all the time - God is good.

May the comfort of God surround you and yours as you enter into 2017.

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