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Generosity, a lake, and a good book


Today I feel so very blessed. Dear friends have gifted me with a few days at their cabin, all by myself. A retreat. A period of solitude.

On Monday I will head out to the cutest little cabin on a lake. My husband has generously given me this opportunity to do this solo holiday – he is only the bestest husband ever.

I may go nuts?! Just wait, I will be face timing with my kids and grand-kids! Texting all night with my hubby cuz I am sure to hear bears outside my door! (Just pray there are no thunderstorms – I am one of those who doesn’t like them and has some strange phobias about them. Can just imagine the look on the neighbour’s face when this panicked, freaked out, wet rat of a woman is pounding on their door mid-evening!)

So what do you take on a retreat? I feel like I need a purpose and yet the furthest thing that I want is a purpose – or a ‘have to’ list. Yet, I want to enrich my heart, my mind, my soul (that sounds like I am a practiced yogi or something).

Truth be told – I just value an opportunity to sit in silence (love you grand-kids!!!), enjoy nature, smell the fresh air (as opposed to the inner sanctions of an office), read, drink coffee, write, other?

So, back to my question. What do I take on a retreat?

Here are my ideas:

Books – duh laptop to write paper to write pens (I am not a pencil person – wish I was, but I can’t stand the scratching pencils make on paper – this is a very important fact that you should know about me!) snacks coffee grounds sustenance (more than chips and chocolate) Bible – I will be asking my pastor to give me some chapters to study. Need to find my strength. snacks


…. Other ideas out there? Let me know.

*Note: In my last blog I talked about going for counselling – that has all fallen apart. For my insurance to cover these meetings, I need to go via a different group and then back to Recovery of Hope. It has been complicated and confusing. So, I have taken a rest from trying but I WILL try again. Need to. Know that. Just wanted to be honest – I challenged you and I have not followed through on my side. But this retreat is to be part of the work of walking through some of my ‘stuff.’ When I get back, I will try the counselor again.

Thanks for being a friend on this journey. Have a great weekend!!

And for a weekend chuckle!!

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