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Backyard Reno Continues

So this past weekend, although challenging in some ways, was a great blessing.

Friday night we romped through Spain via Supper Club! We enjoyed tapas, soup, mussels and more. It was a lot of laughter and lots of great food!

Saturday brought clouds but temperatures that were just about perfect for deck building. Bernie took on the role of foreman and I took on the role of, ummm, uh, well I was there! Guess I made lunch and supper - so there was that on top of the other physical labour I did. (Yes. Dexter. I did physical labour too!)

So with all the kids helping at alternating parts of the day, we managed to finish the lower deck!!

As you can see from before to after. It is a bit puzzling as the 'before' pics looking nicer than the 'after' pics. Well, hopefully, shortly, I can send you the 'after' pics that will bedazzle you!

It was really a good day. We worked. We talked. We ate. We laughed. Ray's hands got sore from all the hammering and screwing of deck boards. No one lost a finger or toe. Nick learned how to put a shovel on the ground the correct way. Cody came late but still pitched in. Ashley banged in nails like a pro. Judson didn't get hurt! Dexter managed to get off work early and made good use of his skills - including directing!

Sunday was fun as I bought Bernie a new game, Spike'n Smash.

It was, again, a fun way to spend time with the kids.

Check out the action.

(copy and paste link to see where to purchase - on sale this week!)

Although it was hard not to have my dad around for renos - because he would have been in figurative heaven (not the literal one he enjoys now!) working with his daughter and grandkids and all their friends. He lived for fellowship. He loved building. He enjoyed breaks with a coffee and/or beer. His heart would be warmed to see his grandkids pitching in and even having fun!!!

It was hard to not celebrate Father's Day in the same way we used to. But, now it was up to my kids to celebrate their father - and they did. By playing games in the backyard and then following that up with Boston Pizza supper - that they paid for!

Bernie isn't too hard to please. But I know his heart was warmed by the work and the food. He did a great job raising those kids. I see the good and the 'not so good' in their personalities and work ethics. Other than perhaps the more boisterous voice and a bit more strong-willed personality, I am lucky enough to have married someone like my dad. Someone who loves his kids. Loves creating and renovating. Loves his wife. Cares for all of them. Dedicates his life to God. Shows his faith in his work and the way he lives.

Thanks, dad. For being a great example. Thank you for being a dad that I loved dearly and miss immensely. Thanks for being someone that celebrated life. Thanks for giving me an example to look for in the man I married. I love you. I miss you.

ps. You would be sooo proud of your grandkids and of the son-in-law whom you taught so much woodworking skill to. (tears)

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