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Where has all the Inspiration gone?

(hum Where have all the flowers gone: Peter, Paul and Mary)

I haven’t written for a while.

And I am not sure why.

I could blame it on being busy – but really? I spend many a nights sitting in my chair watching Netflix. So, how busy can I be?

Maybe it’s just my computer hardware – I don’t like typing on my IPad and my computer was giving me issues – that seems to be fixed now, however.

So what gives?

It feels like all my inspiration is phwwt.

I did manage to cleanup and sort my ‘office/art room’ – but that’s where that ended.

My Pinterest pages are full of ideas and art thoughts that I want to get started on and try out! I have watched video after video and am ready to give it a shot… but… I don’t.

So what gives?

Do you ever just get into this slump where all you care to do is get home, sit down, and do noosht? (For those who don’t know noosht – it means nothing – which means you don’t know nothing if you don’t know noosht!! Haha!) You don’t really want to visit – but you do because it is essential for your partner who needs people to feel invigorated and inspired. You live in guilt because you are not motivated to do much of anything – so you tinker around. You wipe the counter, do the dishes, fill and un-fill the dishwasher, sweep a little, clean the Roomba, try and empty the suitcase (been home for 4-days, suitcase still not emptied out).

It isn’t even winter yet – can’t blame the lack of vitamin C. I have not visited my doc lately, so there is a chance my iron is low again. A little afraid to visit her as I am not very good at being regular at taking my iron pills. (They upset my stomach and so I put them off – not smart – not smart at all!)

Is there something else? Is there more? Is it time for a change? What kind of change? Do I change too much?

Perhaps my family is changing too much. Emotionally, perhaps I am spent? My kids are growing up and doing their own thing – which is fantastic! One is married and at University. One just got married. One is married with children – let’s call him, Al – and him the family live with us. One just left for 3+ months to Australia. One just moved back in. My sister just moved to Prince George, BC till April – to allow her daughter, ‘trip a’, to play hockey.

ALL OF THESE THINGS, in and of themselves, ARE GREAT!! However, emotionally, they are big and heavy and awesome and sad and happy, exciting and hard, tears!

Hmmm. I don’t know if that is it either. Today there are no answers. I have no special verse or inspiration to throw at you. Just the truth. I am feeling uninspired and maybe a little unfulfilled. And not sure what to do about that.

Any ideas?

Ok. One inspirational something (from other folk!) – this coming on the eve of a potential first snow –

The future lies before you Like a field of fallen snow Be careful how you tread if for every step will show.


We are like a snowflake All different in our own beautiful way.

(A snowflake is one of God’s most fragile creations, but look what they do when they all stick together!)

OK. So only three inspirational things!

(And, I promise, if the inspiration returns - you will be the first, or second, to know!)

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